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The Fifth Gate

The Fifth Gate is located on the western side of the fortress, between St. Michael’s ravelin and the counterguard of the Trinitarians’ bastion. Together with the Sixth Gate, it allows access to the fortress on the western side, coming from the Romans’ Plateau.

A small bridge connecting the ravelin with the third line of fortification, the counterguard, precedes the gate’s tunnel, which is covered by a Baroque vault. An unembellished but monumental stone portal marks the entrance in the tunnel. Two massive pilasters embedded in the brick wall support a stone beam, marking the semicircular and slightly flattened gate for vehicles. The arch of the gate was constructed with large blocks of stone supported by two poles. The middle stone in the upper side is emphasized. For more than five decades, this gate was barred with a brick wall. In 2010, it was restored to its original appearance and was opened for tourism. (C.A.)